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Mansfield Park: Chapter 14 
17th-Jun-2013 10:31 am
talibusorabat: An older brunette woman reading "reading is sexy" (BSG: Reading is sexy)
Chapter 12 and Chapter 13

My only real thought in this chapter was "poor Julia."

It was interesting to see that Fanny not only saw other people's selfishness but found it amusing how the others tried to disguise it. The amusement speaks to a detachment from the foibles of her family that we haven't really seen heretofore -- I suppose because she has absolutely no involvement in the play shenanigans.

Mr. Yates is totally flirting with Julia (although Austen doesn't do what she usually does and mention his feelings/motives/hopes re: her, but he is totally flirting.)

But yes. Poor Julia. Her rant against the character of Amelia is very familiar to me; I definitely know the feeling of hating something passionately simply because it isn't what you want but other people are trying to force it on you.
17th-Jun-2013 07:28 pm (UTC)
tigerlily: Buffy gazing at the viewer lying down (Buffy gazing at the viewer lying down)
Yes. With this and the moment where she doesn't resent Tom's selfish reason for dancing, it seems like she doesn't always care that much about selfishness. Not being involved is probably part of it, but I think the times she does care also involve people being inappropriate and/or hurtful. She thinks doing the play at all is inappropriate, so being selfish in the details doesn't stand out to her as being much worse. It's a little Dariaesque. Fanny starts caring again when she reads the play.

Poor Julia indeed. She gets to find out the hard way and doesn't have a really gracious way to back out now that she sees the situation more clearly. I know that feeling too, and it must be even worse because of the clear undercurrents of romance and rivalry.

I've just thought that it's like foreshadowing for her eventual fate. She rejects Mr. Yates in this instance, and accepts him when the Henry-Maria situation is even worse because her lack of good options is worse.
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