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if you aren't a hypocrite, your moral standards aren't high enough
Mansfield Park: Chapter 20 
30th-Jun-2013 05:11 pm
talibusorabat: An older white man in a crown "So I've executed all the sorcerers...wait, there's Harry Potter." (Merlin: Harry Potter)
Chapter 19

I feel like Sir Thomas is me. Which means it's probably a good thing I'll never be a parent, but yeah. I sympathize greatly with his desire to just believe his children feel bad rather than scold them and find out they don't.

It was interesting really seeing Mrs. Norris' twisting and scheming and manipulating in action, rather than seeing it reference like we usually do. She's so blatant -- a part of me wants to shake Sir Thomas and go "WHY DON'T YOU SEE THROUGH HER?!?" (except I know why he doesn't, it's just frustrating that he doesn't).

Ah, Maria and Julia. I like how they handle Henry's leaving, although the point is still well-made that everything they do, they do for appearance's sake and not any actual moral conviction or strength of character.

Ahahaha and of course, Mrs. Norris wins in the end. She gets her green curtain.
30th-Jun-2013 11:29 pm (UTC)
tigerlily: Taranee boss (Taranee boss)
His being tired doesn't help either. No one wants to believe there are deeper problems behind surprising misbehavior even on a good day. I can't blame him, but it is frustrating and sad knowing how it will turn out.

They do have enough strength to not look as if anything's wrong; I admire that. But they don't have the understanding to find something other than pleasure and appearance to draw strength from. It wasn't encouraged in them, like how Fanny wasn't encouraged to prop herself on the things that give them importance. She was lucky - not to be abused, but to find something else in her books and love of poetry, nature, etcetera. They could only serve her internally, since no one but Edmund was praising her for being accomplished in those things. Reign within.

At least someone got something out of the ordeal!
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