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8th-Nov-2014 08:33 pm - analyzing "One Missed Call"
talibusorabat: A young cartoon woman gets ready to fight with fire (Avatar: Korra feel the fire)
One Missed Call. There is way more going on in this movie than I feel qualified to talk about. I've watched it twice now, I've read about it around the web, and yet the more I think about it, the more questions I have. I'm not sure if the film is intentially ambiguous, or if there are cultural references and translation problems that impede my understanding, but would make sense to a fluent speaker.

Regardless, it is a fascinating story.

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31st-Oct-2014 09:34 pm - defining narrative compassion
talibusorabat: An older white man in a crown "So I've executed all the sorcerers...wait, there's Harry Potter." (Merlin: Harry Potter)
As promised, and in honor of Halloween, I'm launching a series of posts about narrative compassion in horror films.

This has been a research paper fantasy of mine for awhile now. But I'm not an academic, really, and I don't have the discipline to do a properly researched paper. I can, however, write blog posts (believe it or not).

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