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21st-Nov-2014 08:11 pm - weekend reading
talibusorabat: Rarely pure & never simple (DS9: Never simple)
As usual, I have no idea how to cut this list down. I feel like I should aim for themes or something sensible. Or read less. That could also work.

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14th-Nov-2014 09:46 am - weekend reading
talibusorabat: A cartoon man thinks "Deep thoughts" (Avatar: Deep thoughts)
Managed to cull this week's list down to 22 links, and I'm still crying a little over some of the ones I left out. (If you're an RSS addict like I am, you can subscribe to my Pinboard's RSS feed here and skip these entries entirely.)

I've realized that I'm currently in a phase where I'm consuming a lot of information but interacting with very few people. (I'm mostly on Plurk these days, but even there, I'm actually interacting with less than 5 people regularly.) That's something I'd like to work on changing, because why read cool things if you can't have meaningful conversations about them?

But for now —

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7th-Nov-2014 09:48 pm - weekend reading
talibusorabat: Puppy with glasses "I am who I am. Your approval is not needed." (Default)
I started teaching myself Swift, Apple's new programming language, this week. Considering I've never learned a programming language before, it's been an interesting exercise to say the least, but it's been a fun challenge.

Also means I haven't been reading quite as much. But I still have a goodly collection of articles for you perusal.

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31st-Oct-2014 03:24 pm - for your weekend reading
talibusorabat: Rarely pure & never simple (DS9: Never simple)
Happy Halloween, everyone! Later on today I'll be launching a new little blog project in honor of the season, but first — this week's recommended reading! It turns out I save a ridiculous number of links over the course of a week — seriously, I had 50+ links in this list before I culled it down to about 22. You can find all the links I've saved on my Pinboard. But these are, I think, the truly must-reads.

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24th-Oct-2014 11:59 pm - for your weekend reading
talibusorabat: Interesting - engaging or oh god oh god we're all gonna die... (Quote: Interesting)
I still feel like I don't have a lot to write about, but I have been doing a lot of reading. (ReadKit has been, if you'll permit a little melodrama, an absolute lifechanger.) I have a Pinboard account where I save links I think would be interesting to people, but I thought: Hey, why not make a weekly links post like all the other cool kids on the net? If nothing else, it will give me something to post about. (It also gave me a great excuse to spend an hour messing around in Keyboard Maestro, creating the best macro for putting this post together. Few things make me happier these days than messing around with Keyboard Maestro macros.)

So, for your weekend reading, may I recommend:

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