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Master Original Fiction List 
24th-Dec-2012 06:18 pm
talibusorabat: A fancy pen resting atop a printed page. (Writing)
This Story Has No Hero
A mysterious fire nearly destroys the theater without burning a thing.

Laquoya Taylor will not investigate.

Hikkikomori (+ side story)
Nobody has seen the residents of house 409 in three years. The only signs that someone still lives there are pizza deliveries left on the doorstep. Rumor has it that the father had made a deal with the Devil and the Devil had come to collect. Both parents had been killed, they said, and only the daughter was spared. Trapped inside the house, a prisoner of monsters.

Xena Caldwell is a drifter and new to town. To everyone else, the story is just a bit of local color, but to her it is a fairy tale waiting for its happy ending. She breaks inside, determined to ride to the rescue...and gets more than she bargained for.

Out of the Bag
One dead petstore owner. Two people with excellent reasons for wanting him dead, and a third suspect with an uncanny connection to animals. How this all relates to an illegal puppy mill, Detective Tisha Wiles isn't sure, but she will find out.

Note to Self
There are certain things you just shouldn't do during a vampire apocalypse.

Of Dragons, Draaks, and Fathers
A little girl with three fathers, only two of whom are human, doesn't exactly fit in Victorian England.
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